Should You Become an ADL Caregiver?

Working as a caregiver for an adult with a mental or physical disability that requires them the need for help each day is a job that you’ll appreciate if you enjoy jobs in the medical field and helping others. Caregivers spend their day helping this individual with their daily activities (ADLs) so they can maintain independence in a homelike environment. They provide services such as housekeeping, bathing and grooming help, running errands, meal prep, and more. There are many advantages of working as a caregiver in adult care services massachusetts. Those perks include:

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1.    Great pay: Caregivers average a pay rate of $14.00 per hour and also enjoy a plethora of great benefits in addition to this pay rate. You can work a full time or a part-time schedule and there is always room for growth.

2.    Exciting: Each day offers the caregiver something new and exciting and different than the day before. It is much more exciting than a day at the office.

3.    Friendship: Although caregivers provide a job and service to patients, they also form bonds in many situations. These lasting friendships are sure to warm your heart.

4.    Experience: Little to no experience is needed to work as a caregiver (although you must have a passion for helping others and a clean background.)

5.    Flexible: Caregivers are needed to care for patients with a variety of full time, part time, and as needed schedules day and day. The flexibility that you enjoy with this job is amazing.

There are some pretty nice perks of working as a caregiver, don’t you agree? The perks listed here are among the many and should certainly inspire you to consider this type of job. For many people, it is the perfect position that fills their heart and pays the bills, too!

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