erectile dysfunction clinic fort myers fl

No man need fear that the human body and mind is such a complex organism. There are things that it does that man does not even begin to fathom. And miraculously, there are still so many more things that the human mind and its body is capable of that many men are not even aware of. The great scientists have said it over and over again. Man has yet to achieve full potential in this area, and a number of other areas to boot.

Speaking of which, it would appear that man is now lacking in one other vital area. He has lost his ability to perform and produce. He has lost his ability to please. Please his partner in the intimate area of mating, procreating and just simply making love. As the song goes, it is all good and well to feel like making love but you know what has been said. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak.

Or is that entirely appropriate for the area of the erectile dysfunction clinic fort myers fl. But you do know what has also been said, time and time again. Where there is a will, there is a way. And if there is any area of weakness within the body and mind, it can be overcome if there is a will or desire to do so. Making the transition from being weak to strong successful does come with a little help from friends too of course.

But while this may be a good time for handholding there is still much that the man must do to secure his present and future life as a virile and sexually healthy man, both mentally and physically. You can be that man too.

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