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And so it goes. Not quite on the nose. Not quite on the stroke of midnight. Saved by the bell, as they say, and this is what it feels like. As you make your journey closer towards the straight and narrow recovery programs charlotte nc path, you are beginning to get that whiff.

It is the proverbial breath of fresh air, and although it is not quite the season of bloom (but the era of doom has certainly come to pass), there is still a spring in your step.

You are filled with hope and you never stop praying. You are one more step closer to your paradise. It is starting to feel quite awesome to feel this free. Just one more day of being sober, although you have already come to accept that you will always carry the label.

Other people don’t ever seem to understand. They see this as a sign of weakness, a sign that you have come to accept that this is who you are and there is not a thing that you or they can do about it, and they just have to take it as it is or leave. You take that strong line.

This is who I am. If you don’t like it, well, there’s the door, off you go. It is a sign of strength for you. But then there are those days, yes, they still come back to haunt you, it’s called being human, those memories of when you were pretty much on your last legs and you wish you were in a place before it all started.

recovery programs charlotte nc

In times of weakness there is always the serenity prayer. There is the helping hand too, and there is no crutch to bear.